It’s okay to not be okay…

Why is it that we feel like it should be a total secret when something is wrong in our lives?
Why do we feel as though we would be viewed as weak or “less than” because of our struggles or hardships in life?
Why do we put on faces in front of people so that our reality may be hid?
Why do we have everything in life we could ever want, except the peace that it will all be okay?
But THAT is okay.
We don’t have to always be okay. We don’t have to always have answers. We don’t have to know that everything will work out. We don’t have to know why. We don’t have to put on a face. We don’t have to hide the shame of our faithlessness. We don’t have to pretend. 
I recently heard a preacher say that God does not always want us to know WHY but he ALWAYS wants us to know HIM. 
It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to fall apart– after all, you’re falling into the hands that cradle the whole universe. 
Sometimes God has to break you to make you realize that this isn’t about you. This isn’t about your happiness. This isn’t about your glory. This isn’t about your name. This is all about HIM. Its about His happiness. Its about His glory. And its about His name. He may break you, but just like the Great Physician that He is, He only hurts to help. Sometimes the hurt is hard, and the recovery is long; but He makes everything beautiful in His time (Ecc. 3:11). It may take time and it may hurt. You may not always feel okay. But that’s okay. We’re not always meant to understand the process. We’re meant to understand more about God. HE IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END!
So stop trying to make yourself be okay. Stop trying to hide behind facades of who you think you should be or how you think you should act. Stop trying. Fall apart. But fall into God’s hands. He’ll catch you. 
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